little do we know

question: i can't decide if i admire you or not.

diana: i know what you mean. i feel that way about myself.

question: the acceptable roles for women to play is so narrow and we're not used to hearing women speak philosophically about the world as we're living in it. and the academics are still slogging through some medieval feuds and alliances. i don't know how to think about my life when i factor my femininity into it.

diana: yeah. it's all well and good to want to be the equal of men but, in their terms? really? i can say honestly that i can keep up or better most men in the endeavors in which i excel. so, as a competitor, i do not acknowledge that being a woman is a handicap in any way. but i feel we are living half blind. i sense another set of experiences that could be available to us. but i can't articulate what that would be and i keep getting sucked into proving myself, again and again in a man's world to be as good as a a man.

question: but it's not a man's world. not at all. it's a world full of creatures, none of whom is the boss of anything really. all of us powerless in the face of the energies that surround us and yet creatively potent. there is a river of possibility that runs through everyone that is the essence of the female within.

diana: i like that.

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