post partum est

don't be wicked. do be kind. don't be cruel. do be kind. don't be harsh but don't be soft either. find the middle way. let go of the truth and embrace the honey mead of languorous desires.

they waft
with an odor so sweet
you cannot mistake it for sadness
you cannot think you are in hell
but you have to be able to breathe it in
you have to be able to let it touch you willingly
alter your being
the scent of life
the descent of beauty

the only way to know the now is to be in it. the only problem with being in somewhere is that we lose our bearings immediately. you can either know where you are or how you are but not both, some of the brain has to be spent on the immediacy of the experience.

sometimes you have to trust the love and let it lead you to where you need to go.

sometimes you have to turn your back on love and walk away.

somewhere you have to trust that you know what to do.

somewhere you have a way to do this thing called life.

so that was my dream, that's what she said.

question: are you sure she was an angel?

diana: no. i'm not sure of much anymore. i've been in this place for awhile. they don't want me near the general population. i might incite them.

question: the woman huntress returns.

diana: something like that. never mind that the hunter has an obligation to be as compassionate and elegant as the soldier or the scientist. sometimes i think they don't want women to do that because they don't want to admit that we have souls just as flexible as men's.

question: it's always easier to minimize the other's complexities.

diana: i'm too old for easy.

question: i know what you mean. easy loses its charm after awhile.

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