a lot

it happened like this. my father was an orphan, and he got hooked up with some really negative people and from that he got twisted around so that his whole value had to do with success in other people's eyes. and, in this society, murderers are highly regarded as long as they don't get caught. so many of our millionaires, well, that's another story. and all aristocracies. no, not now. i am telling one man's story here, not a whole civilization. so he found my mother, like attracts like; she had come to the conclusion early in her life that the Best things in life are at the top of the ladder and all you have to do is keep climbing and eventually you will get there. it doesn't matter where it is, as long as everyone else wants to be there too.

so they met and fell in greed with one another. each one thinking that the other one would buy their way to the top of the ladder and everyone would look in awe, genuflect.

unfortunately, it didn't work like that. put two killers in a bag, no one is coming out alive. i mean, they did remain physically alive but they eradicated what was left of each other's souls. ever after, neither one was capable of loving in the moment or even considering that there might be a life outside of butchery.

eventually they had me and immediately began the training. now, they had given up on each other but i could be the one who would take them to the top of that ladder. and so we advanced all together, if killers can be said to be together with anyone, we advanced. we got very good and very well paid but the price was higher than we could pay and eventually, one dark night it was mother against father. you know the drill, they even made a movie out of a relationship like this, with angelina jolie and brad pitt and this turned them on enough to cause them to be married but in my family's case, they didn't get closer, my father killed my mother's spirit, ran her off into oblivion.

she found my stepfather, who wasn't as good a killer as my father but he was average and was able to keep the charade of ladder climbing going without really ever being a threat to my mother. that's what she thought anyway, that's what she thought until she died, poisoned by her second husband. it was money to him, not social standing. he got all her money and then i killed him.

at first my father was proud of me, but then he got paranoid and when he jumped me in the night in marseilles, i was ready and i got him first. i don't know hoe they figured it out but they did and here i sit in jail now, waiting for my trial.

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