new year's eve

well, this is the last day of not-doing. i am breathless and filled with unrealistic fears, breathe out, breathe out...

tomorrow i'll be allowed to answer questions. apparently, since i am still undergoing my trial, i'm not allowed to say whatever i want, there will be censorship. but, hey, why not? maybe that's better really, maybe it's good to have some control over our psyche's outpourings.

'tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow creeps at such a petty pace'

tempus fugit

into a new year

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What can you tell me about money that would be a surprise? Can you tell that's what we're arguing about now? the negotiations drag on. Blah and Blah but not Blah minus three hundred million tri-blahs from Norway. omg. I wasn't born. I'm just sneaking this in, honestly, i can't wait to start this blasted thing but my manager says i shouldn't sell myself short, though what my height has to do with it, i can never understand. But she gets frustrated, flustered and red in the face and she always gets like that when something is really important to her. So - well, why not? if she cares that much, i can hang. But we aren't born where i'm from, we are conceived and then we slowly appear, manifest into existence, it's hard to explain and they don't think you care where i'm from or how we do things, they said that you'd want to know how to help yourselves. This is a big self-help planet, they said. But it helps me to get some of it out because sometimes i think i'm imagining it and if i say it, or write it, or whatever this is - then it's, well, it remains more real to me. not a solitary fantasy but a shared reality. So i like seeing the differences, especially as regards ownership and stuff like contracts. i think, because you all come out of a woman's body, you have a thing about bodies and who is who and which is what and how. it's not like that with us. on the other hand, we have the same, or really similar, emotional qualities, the same emotions are available to us - we don't use them exactly the way you use them here.

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Don't get me wrong. i do want to do this, it's just that we're still arguing terms: what is reality? what is art? how does an expression affect time? how long is affect? are realities convergent, or overlapping somehow? can people influence one another or are we singularities - in every aspect? dreaming isolated dreams into infinity. so, like i was saying, i do want to tell you my story but we're i want to be clear about the terms. i want to live up to my contract, so i want to agree to what the contract entails before i begin my attempt to live in this form. i'll be in touch. asap. icu2, Diana

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My name is Diana.

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i don't know how but i came into the world. i mean, i read about a lot of ways that people are born and conceived and i sort of understand that unfolding of potential from the seed and egg, bloating the being til it bursts into form.

i don't know how i'm going to do this but i need to tell you my story. or her story. our story. how we overcame him.

how we broke free of all of it and came here, to where you are, to where there could be a benefit to others from the telling of our story, our stories, so the world will know its self. so we will know our selves, be proud of what we have done. how we have furthered life, defeated a little piece of death.

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