just us justice

the ass- assi- nations of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries were so different than the post-modern assassinations.

i think the distinguishing feature is the attitude but some people think the main difference is the purpose. the modern assassin, the assassin of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, was a loner acting out rebelliously against the perceived elitist. the post-modern assassin is a groupie, an ideological bandwagon standing, self-sacrificing fool. needless to say, i consider myself a modern assassin. i act alone. i don't need or want to be caught. there is nothing self-sacrificing in my business, it's strictly self-aggrandizing. it's all about the money.

question: i think it's hard to follow what you are saying because you're wrong. i think the assassins are always the same, people who realize that they can make a difference through an act violence.

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