good bye
i will miss you
i will miss the beauty of your smile, your hands

i never found you, not really
i never loved you, not really
we were sheep that passed in the night
unable to love one another
unable to forget

why did you waste yourself?
why did you lie?
why did i hate you so hard?
why did i lie?

the love is always there
just out of reach
in all the memories

your beauty
my isolation

my longing for an embrace that you never gave
what were you longing for?
did the men you grovelled for, did they make you happy?
now and then?

was it worth it?
did you have a good life?
i hope so.
i hope it was worth the love lost
i hope it was good a lot of the time
the times when i wasn't a part of it
i hope you were happy

i loved you and wanted so much
our relationship was one long continuous failure to connect

goddess bless you now
wherever you are, wherever you go
forever and ever
i do love you

but please don't come back
let this be the end of our story

j.b.b.w r.i.p

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